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Installation Process

Installing your home solar energy system


The primary types of equipment required for your home solar energy system are:

Solar Panels that capture solar energy
Inverters that convert the solar energy from direct current to alternating current that’s compatible with your home and appliances
Racking, which is the hardware that attaches to your roof or property
Monitoring Equipment, which allows you to track the performance of your system

XOOM Solar coordinates permitting and contracts local installers who are familiar with the requirements for your town, city, or county.

Installation & Interconnection

After your financing is approved, if applicable, your local authorized installer will visit your home to conduct a design verification to make sure your system has been correctly designed and the appropriate parts will be ordered. At that point, you’ll sign the contract and the installation process will begin with the acquisition of the necessary permits.

Permitting and installation will be handled by an experienced local installer who will also arrange interconnections with the utility to make sure you’re able to sell energy from your system. All XOOM Solar installers are required to be fully licensed and insured.

It typically takes three to six weeks to acquire the necessary permits for a home solar energy system. Actual installation usually takes about two days, if scheduled in advance.

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