Solar 101 - XOOM Solar

Solar 101

How exactly does the XOOM solar energy program work?

house solar panels

Solar panels on your roof or mounted in your yard are designed to capture sunlight and convert into DC electricity.

house solar panels

When the sun shines, the electricity produced travels from the panels through wires to the inverter which converts the DC electricity from the panels to AC electricity.

This is the type of electricity that your house uses to power your household appliances.

house solar panels

After converting to AC, the solar electricity travels to your home’s electrical panel and is available for your home to use.

house solar panels

If during the day you produce more than you consume the excess clean solar energy is supplied to the utility grid as your meter spins backward and which you receive credit for.

If during the day you consume more power than the system is producing, you use and pay for only the utility electricity used in excess of your production. Of course at night time when you are not generating any solar power you pull all your electricity from your local utility. This is known as net metering.

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