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Why XOOM Solar?

There's a revolution happening throughout today's retail energy sector. Renewable energy has really taken off, with solar power leading the way.

For consumers interested in going green or saving on their monthly energy expenses, switching to solar energy may be exactly what you're looking for. However, navigating the installation process can get tricky. XOOM Solar can take all the mystery out of solar energy with the help of our customized approach to financing and installation.

Explore the XOOM Solar Marketplace

No solar energy system is one-size-fits-all. Any homeowners thinking about switching to solar will need access to a diverse selection of suppliers and manufacturers to make an informed decision and get the most out of the solar energy installation they eventually decide on.

That's why XOOM Solar created a solar energy marketplace. We want to keep our customers connected to the local businesses charged with building their solar energy system. In addition, we love educating our customers on all the latest innovations impacting solar energy. By putting all this information in a single, centralized location, we hope to make the planning process faster for everyone involved.

This also gives you an opportunity to investigate all the different financing options solar energy has to offer. For instance, besides leasing solar panels or buying a system outright, customers can also choose to sign onto a power purchase agreement. For little to no money down, homeowners can start drawing their electricity from the sun as soon as possible.

Our energy experts power our customer service

We want your solar energy system up and running quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits of powering your home with clean, affordable power, all while reducing your monthly energy expenses.

If you're struggling on where to begin, let a professional XOOM Solar Specialist provide a little guidance. By answering a few simple questions about your property and your typical energy bill, the XOOM Solar team can provide you with a FREE Solar Savings Analysis. This analysis will help determine which solar plan best fits your budget and how much you can plan on saving.

Start generating your own clean energy today, and let XOOM Solar assist you in becoming a part of the solar revolution that is the future of energy!

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